Air Pollution

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this is Air Pollution exam. I will attach some docs that might be helpful. I will attached exam 1 with answers, i got 93 in exam1.

K=8 L=7 M=5 N=2

book used is Air Pollution Control Engineering for Environmental Engineers, Jeff Kuo, CRC Press, 2018

exam file is Final.401 Spring 2020 (1).pdf

answer the problems in the file

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answer the questions in the file be sure draw the digram Problem 2: Determine the horizontal and vertical components of force at C which member ABC exerts onmember CEF. Problem 3: Determine the location ̅ of the centroidal axis ̅ − ̅ of the beam’s cross-sectional area.

Material Science Help

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Hi I need some help in solving 4 questions of a Material Science practice sheet, I also need the steps to be clarified so I can understand and prepare myself for the exam. The 4 questions will be attached along with appendix that might be needed.


IT project planning

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Please see this website it has all the reading assignments and notes needed to complete this assignment.

– Please see all the readings under the “Assigned Reading”

– Then do the assignment under “Do One assignment: Plan an EHR Implementation”

You can skip “What do you know?” and “More” sections

Question About Strategic business plan

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I want you to work on the complete paper.

I have file the (research example) and the instructor notes (file 2) see the bold sentences.

There is no pages limit, but I assume that it will be 15 for the full paper.

Please read the instructor’s notes carefully.

ENGR 1250 Problem Solving In ENGINEERING

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MatLab Assignment #4

(1)Chapter 17, In Class Assignment 31

(2)Chapter 17, In Class Assignment 33

(3)Chapter 17, Review Questions 17 parts a & b ONLY

Must download Matlab on your coumputer

you have to know about coding and Matlab to do this

Manufacturing Tooling

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  • How are the design requirements for fixtures for soldering and gas welding?
  • What is meant by compensation for electrode wear in design of fixtures for welding?
  • Does the material being welded affect the choice of clamping in fixtures? Why?
  • What are the design considerations for fixtures used in resistance welding?

Read chapter 24 of (production process book )and answer the following questions.

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Read chapter 24 of (production process book )and answer the following questions.

Complete the following assignment on a word document and submit it on Canvas.

What is GMAW, GTAW, adn PAW?

Describe each process in detail.

List any 6 differences between the 3.

use the file upload to answer it

I need any one question to be solved from both Section a and Section b in 1.5 hours.Samples are attached

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The sample questions are provided below.

Need help from two sections one from Section 1 and another from Section b.Can select any one from each of the two sections.

Only need 2 question to be solved in 1.5 hours.

Will start in 1.5 hours from now.

SYSE660 Discussion Questions 1

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Define systems engineering with respect to a hypothetical system of your choice.

Select a hypothetical system of your choice and outline an SEP for its development.

Describe the integration of several systems engineering areas for a hypothetical system of your choice.