watch movie

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Please pick a video movie or YouTube documentary (Longer than 50 minutes) about culture or history (can be religion, foods, the celebration also) what you like. Please post the move link/information or YouTube Link on the discussion.leave your reviews like a movie review with a minimum of 200 words

Improving Business Performance with Information Technologies

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You must download the starting files available below. The file for this assignment will be unique to you, so make sure to save it where you know you can retrieve it easily.

Follow the instructional steps to finish the project (point values can also be seen using the link below).

behavioral changes

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Paper details:Complete steps 3-4Step 3- diary should be no more than 200-300 words for each of the 3 entires. Use small font to fit it on one page.Step 4- 2 PagesDirections for project is attached. Steps 1-2 is also attached with the professors notes. Feel free to spice it up


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Hello I attached here the file of the assignment and I also attached the information that you need for the assignemnt

the business name: Sama Alburimi

location : Oman, Alburimi ( Opposite Almassa hotel )

hours and days of operation: from 10am to 10pm (only friday closed )

Training needs analysis

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Training Needs Analysis

Complete the following in a total of 1,050-to 1,400 words. [That is about 100 words for each of the 12 questions.]

The template file with instructions has been attached.

Use the Needs Assessment Template to create a needs assessment for the company.

Cite any sources according to APA formatting guidelines

powerpoint presentation : Services Operations Management

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Hello There,

I attached an article about 8 Mumbai’s Models of Service Excellence. The paper presentation format consists of a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation with follow-up questions and discussion. I need a powerpoint presentation and another word decoment about what should I say on the presentation for each slide.

Thank you,

Make a powerpoint presentation slides about the poet (Sappho).

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-Give a brief background information about the author and the work.

– a brief summary of the literature

-a brief analysis of the work (including symbols, themes, lessons etc)

– a creative activity (or artifact or enactment) relevant to the culture from which their topic originates.

Paraphrase and Edit the Paper

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I need you to paraphrase the attached short paper. Write everything 100% in your own words. Grammar should be perfect. All ideas should be retained with a good flow and better explanation. You should also read through and expound on any missing point. The file is about 2 pages

Address the five questions associated with the chapter 11 case: Larry Page

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Address the five questions associated with the chapter 11 Larry Page case study in a three to five page paper (excluding title, abstract, and reference pages).

Include at least three peer reviewed sources. Assignment should be APA compliance.

Please find the attachment which has the case and questions that you need

Social Media and the Workplace

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Read the “Social Media in the Workplace Around the World 3.0” in Course Supplements. Do you have any experiences related to the case in question? What do you think are best practices related to the case? Support your views with evidence from the reading and additional information.